2021 Emerald Innovation Program

09/27/2021 04:30 PM - 12/01/2021 06:30 PM CT


2021 Emerald Innovation Program

The Emerald Innovation program will be held 9/27/2021 - 12/1/2021 and it is an innovation program for 9th - 12th graders with the option to receive college credit.  The 10-week course value is sponsored by our generous donors. 

Below are the attributes of the pilot program.

- Complete a virtual 10-week entrepreneurship course (4 hours/week)

- Partner with University of Iowa's Jacobson Institute Curriculum

- Earn 3 transferrable college credits from the University of Iowa

- Aligns to National Computer Science Standards

- Learn & Create basic mobile app development concepts for solutions

- Learn firsthand how startups begin by identifying issues, gathering data, and generating viable business solutions using technology

- Made up of six customizable modules with interactive activities, web resources, and assessments

- Majority of the cost in 2021 will be subsidized through sponsorships and donors

- Dates: -09/27/2021 - 12/01/2021

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